Observing the globe

We all dream. I got to live mine for the past few months. I travelled around the planet. I wont start bragging with the astonishing places I got to visit but I’ll share a few interesting observations from my journey. First of all Malibu, California, USA does NOT have a proper sewer system.  http://malibu.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/malibu-city-council-to-consider-next-step-for-sewer  I introduced myself as an ”environmentalist” to people who asked what do I do for living. Somehow Mr. Gold would not elaborately explain how I spend my days. I got praised for my occupation in many places and I was bombed with questions about my profession especially in Australia. Environmental issues seem to be pop everywhere on the globe. New Zealand rocks! They even gave my shoes a free wash. The airport officials claimed that it was not due to the manly odor of my feet but to prevent foreign species from entering the islands. I strongly advice visitors who venture of to New Zealand check out Auckland Museum. They are serious about decreasing their co2 footprint and the modern exhibitions there are high-class.

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